Here’s a thought: Women deserve sex toys for women made by women.

Just a few years ago, buying a vibrator (especially your first!) was a wrought experience. From the seedy locations of “adult stores” to the overwhelming e-comm sites filled with giant, phallic vibrators, there was nothing enjoyable about the shopping experience, and that’s in large part because it was dominated by men. But in 2019, just about every category has gotten a direct-to-consumer reinvention, aimed at streamlining every industry in every way — from design to transparency in customer communications to ease of shopping. And sex toys, devices, and other accoutrements are (thankfully!) no exception. A number of forward-thinking female entrepreneurs are reinventing the category for people with vaginas

They’re looking at the creation of sex toys from a plethora of angles — everything from affordability to pleasure (obviously) to safety. For example, vibrators aren’t regulated by the FDA and as such, can contain ingredients like parabens or phthalates. Every brand mentioned here works to create body-safe products. Design is another important element, and a few of the founders we spoke to mentioned moving away from the traditional (and intimidating!) phallic vibrators of the past to create new shapes that are more compatible with the sexual needs of people who have vaginas. What’s more, the newer designs can actually hang out on your nightstand (or around your neck!) while looking discreet and, frankly, even cool. Because if you ask the ladies behind these brands, your sexual pleasure should bring you pride and not shame. 

Below, a look at some of the most inspiring women in the sex toy space — and their most beloved creations.