Amy Schumer’s recent Instagram post proves that going back to work after having a baby is tough no matter who you are. The 38-year-old comedian and new mom shared sweet photos of herself with her 5-month-old son Gene, while opening up about the realities of being a working first-time parent.

Schumer and husband Chris Fischer welcomed Gene on May 5, 2019, after the comedian experienced hyperemesis for her entire pregnancy. The condition causes extreme nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, which landed Schumer in the hospital during her second trimester. While her symptoms have subsided, motherhood brings about a new set of struggles.

In her Instagram post, Schumer discusses how positive she’s feeling, as well as the inevitable fear and uncertainty that comes with being a working parent. “Five months today and like all moms I love him so much it hurts,” she says. “I’m feeling strong and good and like I’m still a human being with interests and ambitions and goals I’m excited to reach. It’s felt good to be back at work.”

Schumer received criticism for doing a standup show just two weeks after giving birth, for which she defended her decision. But going back full-time is different, she admits. “I was so worried about it and was afraid to go back after he was 3 months old,” she writes. “A couple days I’ve cried from missing him. But it’s mostly good to be back and the breaks energize me to be a better mom and appreciate our time even more.”

Amy Schumer also makes sure to acknowledge her privilege, as many working moms are unable to take even the standard three-month maternity leave. “I have it a lot easier than many people but I wanted to share my experience. 🥰,” Schumer says.

She then asks followers to share their experiences with working motherhood, which her followers gladly partake in. “I’m headed back to work in a few weeks and I’m both excited and terrified, relieved and heartbroken,” one user admits. “It’s good to hear about the experiences of other moms and remember that I’m not going into uncharted territory. Thanks for sharing.”


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back to work this week. Feeling like 😳💔😢😀

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Fellow celebrity moms joined Schumer’s conversation, too. “Having Krishna made me stop worrying about the little things,” author and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi comments.

“I didn’t care about anything. Everything seemed trivial if it wasn’t about my kids,” Drew Barrymore writes. “But after time, things fall into the new place. Not the old. Old is gone. Forever changed by a love that is indescribable! And it just seems to get better and better every day! I am no longer interested in myself as me. It’s being their mom. That’s who i am now. Your are such a cool person Amy! Your kid is gonna he so proud of you!”

We couldn’t agree more.

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