Once a male-dominated industry, more women than ever are tattooing. But what is it like being a female tattoo artist? Pretty badass. We sat down with Kim Saigh, a tattoo artist in Los Angeles who has created thousands of custom designs for her clients.

“I never felt like I fit in any conventional career path that was suggested to me early on,” she says, continuing , “The second the needle hits the skin, everything in the world drops away.”

Saigh started her career in Chicago, where she developed a signature illustrative style, before moving to the west coast to star on the reality show “LA Ink.” She is now co-owner of Memoir Tattoo, an appointment-only, custom tattoo studio that’s typically booked a few months in advance. Considering the amount of detail Saigh puts into her colorful illustrations, which include animals, flowers, and fantasy art, that comes as no surprise.

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