Hilary Duff made Lizzie McGuire iconic in the early 2000s, prompting an entire generation to idolize the quirky and lovable title character and subsequently, Duff herself. When streaming service Disney+ announced the reboot in August, fans went wild with excitement at the chance to see Lizzie in all her grown-up glory. Now, it’s official, the actress has undergone a Lizzie McGuire makeover — and it’s like we were transported back in time.

In an Instagram post revealing the new look, celebrity hairstylist Nikki Lee shared the process of returning Duff’s hair back to Lizzie’s classic bright-blonde hue. Lee also expressed her gratitude in getting to be a part of the highly buzzed about reboot.

“Never in a million years did I think I would be doing Lizzie’s color!🙌🏼 Well dreams do come true!💫,” she wrote. “Thank you Hilary Duff for trusting me to create the perfect blonde for the next chapter of Lizzie McGuire! 😘”


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Never in a million years did I think I would be doing Lizzie’s color!🙌🏼 Well dreams do come true!💫 Thank you @hilaryduff for trusting me to create the perfect blonde for the next chapter of Lizzie Mcguire! 😘 And thank you @joico for helping my creativity flow effortlessly! Xx♥️ . For all you stylists out there whose clients are going to want to look like Lizzie…😍 Here’s my formula break down: I did a full head highlight using @joico Blonde Life Powder Lightener with 30 Volume LumiShine Developer at the root, 20 volume through the mid-shaft, and 10 volume through the ends when needed. After she lifted to a pale yellow I did a root tap about 2 inches out at the bowl using Joico LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 6N with 5 Volume LumiShine Developer For her hair line and a bit of the mid shaft I used Joico LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid equal parts 6N + 8N with 5 Volume LumiShine Developer My all over toner was Joico LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 9NV + 10N + 10SB with 5 Volume LumiShine Developer. I applied this while the root tap was still on and let everything process together for 15mins…Xx

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Later, in a statement, Lee spoke to why adult Lizzie will look slightly different from her teen self. “When creating Lizzie’s new blonde, it was important to Hilary that it was different from what Lizzie had in the past, and also a little different from what Hilary would normally have,” she explained. “Lizzie’s next chapter blonde is a burst of sunshine! Lighter throughout the ends and around the face, with some dimension throughout the top.”

As you can see from Duff’s recent photos, the new blonde isn’t drastically different from her usual color, but there’s we can definitely detect that “burst of sunshine” Lee mentions. There’s a lot less of Duff’s natural color peeking through at the root and the blonde highlights are definitely brighter.


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The actress also recently got bangs, which appear to be pulled back here, bringing her modern look closer to the character we all remember. It’s almost like the perfect mix of how she wore her hair in the TV series and how it was styled in The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Duff’s transformation only makes us more excited for the reboot. Will her character be as experimental now, beauty-wise, as she was in the the early aughts? After all, Lizzie is the reason we covered our heads in butterfly clips and tried to pull off those crazy, crimped styles (both of which are back in style, btw).

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too much longer to see: Lizzie McGuire will be back on our screens in November 19, 2019.

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